About Me

My name is Neil and I was born and raised in western Wisconsin south of Fountain City. I attended School at C-FC and went on to College at Winona State University. In 2006 I graduated from Winona State University with as BS in Computers Science.

While at Winona State University I worked at the Software Testing & Development Lab. During this time I worked designing and testing software for numerous clients. I worked with Java, PHP, Eclipse Plugins, C, TCL/Expect Automation, and linux administration. I worked there until I graduated.

After graduating I moved to Rochester, MN and started working for SiteGenie LLC where I worked as a System Administrator and Software Developer. At SiteGenie LLC I administrated servers running Windows, RedHat/CentOS, FreeBSD, Debian, and Solaris. I have worked on numerous projects in PHP, Java, Perl, Shell Script, and C++. I have extensive experience trouble shooting Nginx, Lighttpd, Apache, MySQL, and multiples mail servers.

I joined Corporate Web Services (CWS) in June 2015 as a Web Application Developer. While at CWS I design and develop web applications for many sites and SAAS solutions. I also continued server administration and managing AWS cloud architecture. While at CWS I developed software using PHP and Ruby on Rails. I have experience setting up and maintaining virtual environments in AWS and Windows Hypervisor.

I currently reside in Plainview MN with my wife Kelly and my daughters Jessa-Lee and Hannah. While not working I enjoy spending time with my family, fishing, and gardening.