Grey swamp
Covering everything.
Canopy enclosed me
Into a world where the
Creatures talked and ruled
Massive tyrannical civilizations.
Running, smelling of sweat & blood,
Trail of thick gravy that’s sour with rot.
A mere human born onto a place where they
Are unwelcome. Bound and tortured, a daily routine.
Running to my salvation, enough noise to wake more demons.
Legs giving in to the whisper of cracked acorns. Flowing over pebbles,
Water sounding much closer, many feet crunching and breaking from behind.
Two exhausted arms digging at sickly-silver ferns and mosses. Crunchity, Crunchity,
Too close. Head first into the creek. World distorted with the broken surface.
Deep, and getting deeper. Pain is gone. Light piercing the canopy
Trees part while the fallen rise to their place in eternity.
Water replaces air as the last bubbles surface
Wetness overcomes every inch of flesh,
Gone. All delicates of the body
Dissolve. Gills, scales, fins,
All there. I swim home.

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