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The Collector is a java application that is used to catalog coins. It is able to store a wide array of information about a coin such as name, face value, year, mint, condition, price, quantity of that coin, and the country. The data will be able to be loaded and saved to the hard drive. There is support for sorting the rows of data. The table can be printed and you can view stats on your coin collection.


Windows Self-Extracting Version
Platform Independent Version

  • JAVA Runtime Environment 1.4 (or greater)
Adding Coins/Currency

After you have the software installed run the jar or use the shortcut(Windows only). Once the program is started you can begin to enter your data immediately. You can insert a new entry by clicking on
the Add Add Button toolbar button (or shortcut Ctrl+i). A long rectangular dialog window will open with many empty form fields. You can enter your data about the
coins/currency and press the Add button. You do not have to fill in the Id if you do not want to; an Id will automatically be generated for you. Make sure the name is correct because once the entry is created the name can not be changed because it is used for indexing.

Add Dialog

If you need to add coins that are similar you can select the Copy data and use the More button to copy the data that is entered in the form rows to the new one. You can add up to 10 entries at a time. You can decrease the number of entry forms by clicking the Less button.
Copy Data in Add Dialog

After pressing the Add button the entries will be added to the table.
The entries in the table

Editing the Table

To edit an individual entry you can double click on it, use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+e, use the button in the edit menu, or click on the Edit Edit Button toolbar button. Then a dialog will open up that will allow you to make changes to the data. You will not be able to change the Name or Id field since they are used to uniquely identify that entry.

You can delete one to many entries at once (Warning deleting is terminate). Simply select the rows that you want to delete and press the Delete button on your keyboard, click on the Delete button in the edit menu, or click on the Delete Delete Button toolbar button.


To open the search window use the button on the toolbar Search Button. Once the search window is open you can search for any of fields in the table (example: "1996", to find all of the coins from 1996).
Search Dialog


To view the stats on the data in the table go to Edit -> View Stats on Selected or View Stats on All. A window will open that will display the stats on all of the entries. It calculates total values of all of your coins and disbursement of years, mints, conditions, and country. These stats can be copied and pasted or printed from the program itself.

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