Tape Worm Flash Game

A Flash clone of the classic Snake game with an infestive twist! You are young Tape Worm, too short to play in all the Tape Worm games. You are isolated by your self, and you only have your madness to keep you company. Prove to all the other worms and parasites that you are lord of the body. You must become the longest bad-ass tape worm in the body. There are three speeds and the higher the speed the more points you will receive.

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The flood-fill algorithm is used to determine the area connected to a given node in a multi-dimensional array. This algorithm is used in the game Clicken Gold to determine which is used to find out what blocks should be cleared. It is also used in paint programs for filling in contiguous areas.

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Chicken Out Flash Game

Cousin Billy just got a new shipment of chickens in this morning, but he doesn’t have any free cages. Help out Billy by clearing out some cages that are filled with older chickens. Clear the chickens as fast as you can by clicking on them. Remember Billy is counting on you…


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Zombie Massacre

Oh no, the Zombie massacre is here! The dead have awakened and are roaming free. It is your job to dispose of the zombies. You will strike them at the heart of their top secret base… the graveyard. Armed with only a handgun, ammo, and most importantly your hatred for things that should be dead, you must save the world from these hellish abominations before it is too late…

The dead have awaken! Just in time for Halloween of course. They are everywhere and lots of them to shoot.

To reload you must shoot the reload button.

There is really no point to this game, just a simple stress reliever… or practice for when zombies actually come out of their graves to get you. Have Fun and Share!

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Clicken Gold - Flash

Get the Gold! By clicking of course. Clicken Gold will test your addictive limits as you try for the number 1 high score spot. This is a collapse type of game where you must try to collect all of the coins and try to clear the entire screen. You start out only with 3 different colored blocks, and more colors are added as you progress. You are given a Wildcard every time you get all of the coins, the Wildcard can substitute for any other color. It is used by Ctrl+Clicking on a box.

Features a top 10 high score list! See if you can make the cut.

If you like this game you should try out the Android Game Click’n Gold which is based off of this game. Both are very addictive. Have Fun!

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