A poem about candy

Sweet chalkful bliss fills my mouth
And teeth grind each one to powder.
Momentarily dry, but quickly fills
With wet, craving even more.
Take another, light blue like faded paint
Trying to disguise itself
As something different. Burst!
Same disintegrating demise, the taste
Is different, but only lingers shortly
Until it is consumed into oblivion.
A yellow one with a chipped corner
Begging to be let go,
Suffering enough from imperfection.
Ending the pain, quickly
Like the first two. Sickly red
Taken from the dwindling row
And ended with a dissimilar taste.
Another blue, followed by a white,
Taken together to form a cloudy sky
Of sweet paradise’s sun-light.
One by one they fell into darkness,
Voices, I can still hear every time
I stroll past their friends, lined up,
Tight in plastic, where life is just fine.

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