No-Gravity E-Reader

You never have to worry about losing your position in those long text or html documents anymore. With No-Gravity E-Reader (NOG-Reader) you can read in any plain-text file and when you close the reader the current position is save; then when you reopen the same file it will open to that exact spot. NOG-Reader implements a simple user interface so that any non-technical user can read E-Documents easily.

About No-Gravity E-Reader

NOG-Reader was born after my frustrating search to find an e-reader that could simply read text files and html files. I wanted a very simple interface for this program. I thought the user should have to worry about saving there position before closing, and when they start they shouldn’t have to reload the last book that they were reading either. HTML files are not yet supported.

Understanding NOG-Reader

When NOG-Reader is started for the first time it will create a .settings file in the directory where the jar is located. No document should be loaded since this is the first time running it, but after using it the last book you were viewing will open automatically. Once the program is loaded you will see four buttons on the left-hand side: Open, Close, Bookmarks, and Advanced.


Documents are represent by a series of words. Each document is broken down to its words instead of standard pages. This allows for the user to resize the window to whatever size page they want. The total words and the current position is displayed at the bottom of the program window between the Next and Prev buttons.

Open & Close

When you press open you will be prompted with a standard file chooser dialog. The Close button will close the Bookmarks and Advanced pages when they are opened, otherwise it will close the opened document HTML files are not yet supported, only plain-text documents will work right now. For now you can copy and paste a HTML documents content into .txt file.


Add Bookmarks If you want to save additional positions within a document you can use bookmarks. From the Bookmarks page you can click on a bookmark to instantly go there. You can also bookmark your current position or delete existing bookmarks.


Advanced Configuration The advanced configuration page allows you to change the look of how the text is displayed to you. You can configure the font, text size, and the color of the text. You can also choose to remove the background image that is displayed; if you do this then it will just have a white background. In the advanced page you can jump to any position within the document.

Shortcut Keys

[Space] = Next page
[Right arrow] = Next page
[Left arrow] = Previous page

Planned Enhancements
  • UI Improvement – New buttons
  • HTML support
  • More shortcut keys
  • Custom background
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