Gunny Ermey's Alarm Clock - Alarm Playing Don’t have the motivation to wake up in the morning? Then this app is for you. Wake up to Gunny Sargent R. Lee Ermey screaming at you to get out of bed. The alarm is complete with authentic Reveille bugle call. The alarm will continue to sound until you Dismiss it or press the snooze button.

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  • Set Unlimited Number of Alarms
  • New Alarms including: Reveille, Klaxon, Standard Alarm Buzzer, Double Bell Alarm, and Rooster Crow.
  • Display Clock and Alarms in Military or Standard Time
  • Completely Redesigned and Easy to Use Interface
  • Choose From Over a DOZEN Fonts for Your Time Display
  • Color Customization on Clock Display Screen


Alarm List Screen

Alarm List Screen - No Alarms Setup

Alarm Playing

Preferences Screen

Edit Alarm Screen

Alarm Types Screen

Clock Display - Portrait

Clock Display - Landscape


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