D-mon Connect is a program to visually design NFAs and DFAs, and you will be able to convert between the two. You will also be able to convert to or from a regular expression. This program is written in JAVA, but it is using SWT for the interface instead of Swing. It should work on all platforms that have a version of eclipse. You will also be able to check strings against the NFA/DFA that you create.
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The flood-fill algorithm is used to determine the area connected to a given node in a multi-dimensional array. This algorithm is used in the game Clicken Gold to determine which is used to find out what blocks should be cleared. It is also used in paint programs for filling in contiguous areas.

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Net Checkers

A checkers game that has both network play and single player mode. In single player mode you can play against the computer or against another player at that computer. The network game mode also features a chat, so that the two players can communicate with each other. The chat has a wide array of emoticons that can be used.

The different levels of AI are incomplete, but you can try out the basic computer opponent (it is very lousy, i mean very, very, very lousy!). The LAN play or hot-seat play is great fun though.

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