R. Lee Ermey's Official Soundboard Splash Screen
Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey’s official soundboard has over 60 sounds. All sound clips can be download and used for your ringtones. The app has a built in timer to have the Gunny scream at someone when they least expect it. Lots of clips from Full Metal Jacket and custom ringtones.

Download Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey's official soundboard on the Google Play Store


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D-mon Connect is a program to visually design NFAs and DFAs, and you will be able to convert between the two. You will also be able to convert to or from a regular expression. This program is written in JAVA, but it is using SWT for the interface instead of Swing. It should work on all platforms that have a version of eclipse. You will also be able to check strings against the NFA/DFA that you create.
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No-Gravity E-Reader

You never have to worry about losing your position in those long text or html documents anymore. With No-Gravity E-Reader (NOG-Reader) you can read in any plain-text file and when you close the reader the current position is save; then when you reopen the same file it will open to that exact spot. NOG-Reader implements a simple user interface so that any non-technical user can read E-Documents easily.

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The Collector - Coin Cataloging Software

The Collector is a java application that is used to catalog coins. It is able to store a wide array of information about a coin such as name, face value, year, mint, condition, price, quantity of that coin, and the country. The data will be able to be loaded and saved to the hard drive. There is support for sorting the rows of data. The table can be printed and you can view stats on your coin collection.

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