Grey swamp
Covering everything.
Canopy enclosed me
Into a world where the
Creatures talked and ruled
Massive tyrannical civilizations.
Running, smelling of sweat & blood,
Trail of thick gravy that’s sour with rot.
A mere human born onto a place where they
Are unwelcome. Bound and tortured, a daily routine.
Running to my salvation, enough noise to wake more demons.
Legs giving in to the whisper of cracked acorns. Flowing over pebbles,
Water sounding much closer, many feet crunching and breaking from behind.
Two exhausted arms digging at sickly-silver ferns and mosses. Crunchity, Crunchity,
Too close. Head first into the creek. World distorted with the broken surface.
Deep, and getting deeper. Pain is gone. Light piercing the canopy
Trees part while the fallen rise to their place in eternity.
Water replaces air as the last bubbles surface
Wetness overcomes every inch of flesh,
Gone. All delicates of the body
Dissolve. Gills, scales, fins,
All there. I swim home.

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Another interesting poem from the Neil Bittner vault.

On the wall
Up above, raising my head to see her
Beauty. Golden sun shining with intensity
Only a brilliant-blonde head of hair can sustain.

Hearts pounding and spreading, filling emptiness with
Emotions that will never be formed. To know those
Jeweled lips, so intimately, so distant from my own.

Two grand unblinking eyes, looking through my exterior
Into dimensions of the human soul. Lives too different
To be melded into the perfect symbiosis.

Breasts piercing the blackness of her blouse, low-cut
And void but for the shimmering around her neck. Skin,
far too complex, but not overseen by the sun.

I saw her every day, and words never flowed from her.
Syllables of my thoughts knew her to be more
Than a person without her spoken words would know.

She never knew I knew she smiled at my back, or blew out
Little kisses when I was trapped in a dream. I knew
She always Inspected, Stared, Examined
From her picture on the wall.

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Flat and dusty, piercing the desert
With a silhouette against the falling sun.

Thriving and thrashing, vegetation grew
Despite the deficit of moisture.

The Holiday Inn where pillows are all so
Fluffy. With mints of grandeur

Laying atop the place of sleep.
Melts smoothly in your mouth.

Weasels sold in dozens, at traps
To the unsuspecting family tourists.

Tributes to their alien encounters,
Blinding, believing to the naïve.

Radiation where the sun lingers on earth
Where the atom was exploited.

Endless air like warm root-beer fills you
After a fresh shave, ready to depart.

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I decided I’m going to start posting some stuff I’ve written. The first one is called Growing a Poem and it is a poem about writing a poem.

Growing a Poem

Small, pending life in the palm of your hand.
Dark warm earth is parted and consumes
Everything into darkness where one must wait.

Moist love imbues growth and formation
Into life. Soon the flat surface of the world
Is broken and the elevating sun is seen.

Time gives way to expansion: Roots
Dig deeper and deeper into the unknown,
And Flora becoming open with the sun.

Picking tiny black beetles, their hunger
Destroying confidence. Enriching the
Raw consciousness to ensue more

Life. Continual pruning and reshaping assure
Death will be asleep. Your creation from birth
Inspiring others to grow one of their own.

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So one day I was chatting with A.L.I.C.E. (for those of you who don’t know what A.L.I.C.E. is you read about it here) and I asked what her favorite movie was; she replied “Teknolust.” Ok, my first thought was what kind of crazy movie is this, but this question was soon remedied by a quick visit to IMDB. After a few minutes of reading user comments I was determined to see this movie, and it soon found its way to the top of my Netflix queue.

Plot Synopsis

Rosetta Stone, a scientist doing biology research, has secretly created three cyborg clones of herself named Ruby, Olive and Marine. All three cyborgs interface with an interactive website where make visitors dreams come true. In order to survive the cyborgs need male sperm, and there is only one way to get it. Ruby, the leader of the three cyborgs, ventures out to get the sperm, and everything is going fine until men start getting a computer virus from her. Ruby ends up falling in love with Sandy, a xerox shop worker, and the FBI show up to investigate the strange virus that seems to inflict only men.

Teknolust is a very unique movie where it combines the genres of scifi, comedy, and love stories. More than anything, I think this was more of a love story that was set in a very off-beat situation. Sandy, yes he is a guy, ends up falling in love with a cyborg named Ruby despite the fact that Ruby only knows love from videos and movies she has observed.

During Ruby’s exploration for sperm she unknowingly infects the male donors with a computer virus. Although this seems completely impossible you have to remember that Ruby is not only software, she also has living human tissue. The effects of the virus on the other hand are almost comical. All the men infected end up developing a rash on their foreheads that is shaped like a bar code. The men were also left impotent after their having sex with Ruby.

Teknolust does bring up a few questions of plausibility like why do cyborgs need sperm, but overall it is an interesting story of the melding of humans and technology. It also makes you question if a computer system could ever be made to learn and experience love like a human.

Rating 6/10

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D-mon Connect is a program to visually design NFAs and DFAs, and you will be able to convert between the two. You will also be able to convert to or from a regular expression. This program is written in JAVA, but it is using SWT for the interface instead of Swing. It should work on all platforms that have a version of eclipse. You will also be able to check strings against the NFA/DFA that you create.
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Tape Worm Flash Game

A Flash clone of the classic Snake game with an infestive twist! You are young Tape Worm, too short to play in all the Tape Worm games. You are isolated by your self, and you only have your madness to keep you company. Prove to all the other worms and parasites that you are lord of the body. You must become the longest bad-ass tape worm in the body. There are three speeds and the higher the speed the more points you will receive.

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No-Gravity E-Reader

You never have to worry about losing your position in those long text or html documents anymore. With No-Gravity E-Reader (NOG-Reader) you can read in any plain-text file and when you close the reader the current position is save; then when you reopen the same file it will open to that exact spot. NOG-Reader implements a simple user interface so that any non-technical user can read E-Documents easily.

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