Who needs IPv6 for more IP addresses when you can just arbitrarily increase the ranges. When we enter the wonderful world of syndicated television anything is possible. I was watching an episode of Smallville from season 3 titled “Delete”, and in this episode the characters are being hypnotized to kill Chloe by mysterious email messages. During one of the scenes they try to find out where the emails are coming from by tracing the IP. When the computer screen is shown you can see the IP address and netmask, and both are invalid. The IP address is 134.541.168.170 and the netmask is I think it is interesting that they choose that particular subnet mask because the pattern is similar to the common netmask. At first glance most people wouldn’t notice this, but the geekiness in me made me rewind and pause. So now that I am done rambling and after providing not a single ounce of useful information, I present the screen captures:

Computer Screen
A graphical front-end for whois

Bogus IP Addresses
IP address and subnet-mask

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