This function takes year as a parameter and returns a list of Holiday dates for that year. It returns an array of key/value pairs.

Example that prints out all of the US Holidays in the year 2014.

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Do you need to filter input fields in your form to prevent users from filling them in incorrectly. Use this simple Javascript function to filter user input and remove invalid characters depending on the filter type. I have used this function in a few projects and does not require jQuery. You can easily add additional filter types to the function. The below example can filter integers and floats.

You can use this function by with Javascript events or directly in your HTML.

You can also change the event to filter input other events like onchange or onblur.

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Parse HTML With PHP
Not all websites have a easy to use API for looking up information, but you can parse HTML for almost every website to extract data. PHP can be used to parse the DOM (Document Object Model) of HTML pages and extract data. In PHP 5 the DOM extension was introduced that allows manipulation of the HTML/XML DOM.

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