Another interesting poem from the Neil Bittner vault.

On the wall
Up above, raising my head to see her
Beauty. Golden sun shining with intensity
Only a brilliant-blonde head of hair can sustain.

Hearts pounding and spreading, filling emptiness with
Emotions that will never be formed. To know those
Jeweled lips, so intimately, so distant from my own.

Two grand unblinking eyes, looking through my exterior
Into dimensions of the human soul. Lives too different
To be melded into the perfect symbiosis.

Breasts piercing the blackness of her blouse, low-cut
And void but for the shimmering around her neck. Skin,
far too complex, but not overseen by the sun.

I saw her every day, and words never flowed from her.
Syllables of my thoughts knew her to be more
Than a person without her spoken words would know.

She never knew I knew she smiled at my back, or blew out
Little kisses when I was trapped in a dream. I knew
She always Inspected, Stared, Examined
From her picture on the wall.

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